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Purple Allium Flower Types for Your Next Quality Landscaping Services

Purple Allium Flowers: Vareities to Choose

Hundreds of species exist within the Allium genus, which includes onions, garlic, chives, leeks, and shallots. However, there is no shortage of alliums that make great ornamentals, frequently referred to as “ornamental onion” or “flowering onion”. Such plants are grown from bulbs like the spring tulip or daffodil but generally flower. Below are some of the popular purple varieties of allium you can consider for your next quality landscaping services.


Purple allium ambassador is a mauve-purple form of allium. The globe on top of the stout stem is about 5.5 inches in diameter when the flower buds are still tightly shut. However, shortly, individual stem flowers begin to flake out from the center, buds blossom to the full extent, and, look at that–the diameter of the bloom head magnifies to 7 inches across. ‘Ambassador’ is a cross-pollination between several indigenous allium species.

Purple Sensation

The nomenclature ‘Globemaster’ implies a plant that thinks big about its position among the globe-headed alliums with colored flowers. Consequently, ‘Purple Sensation’ comes across as a vigorous individual who wants to top the class in showing that These flowers are deep purple, measuring about four inches across. They bloom in May and June before most bigger flowered alliums bloom.

Ornamental Onion

This is a pure species of purple allium although most of such plants are hybrids. Possibly the darkest purple allium is Allium atropurpureum. They are wine or maroon enough to call them flowers. Color is what draws people to cultivate the type of allium in question since there are many other allium hybrids whose flowers are bigger. The flower head measures only 2.5 inches across its diameter, not forming a full sphere or globe, but a half sphere or globe instead.

Star of Persia

These include Allium cristophii (star of Persia) which has spherical balls of small lavender-colored flowers reminiscent of exploded fireworks. Each of the flower heads reaches about 12 inches. They maintain their shape for long, sometimes in mid-summer.

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