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Hardscaping Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

Huge Mistakes in Hardscaping to Avoid

Today we at Silver Line Outdoors will go over a few of the common mistakes made in hardscaping that we see customers make all the time. This way we hope to educate you and help you to avoid some of these often costly mistakes.

Mistake 1 – Not Keeping a Balanced Design

Make sure that you keep a good balance between curves and hard lines, along with soft plantings and materials. Should you fail to do this, it can often make your landscape look chaotic and unnatural.

Mistake 2 – Not Using the Right Materials

If you want to create a path that runs through your garden, you should choose materials that are comfortable when walked upon and only need minimal maintenance. When it comes to planters, make sure you choose durable materials.

Mistake 3 Not Taking Drainage into Consideration

This is something we see all the time. When you fail to take into consideration drainage, it can cause you untold problems down the line. A good way you can accomplish this is by installing your patio so any water is drained away from the house. Another good way is to make sure to design your drainage so the water runoff goes to nourishing your plants instead of flooding your basement.

Mistake 4 Not Planning Ahead

Another huge mistake that many people make when planning a hardscaping design is to not plan ahead. Remember, hardscaping can be expensive, not to mention hard to fix when a mistake is made. So you must make sure that you plan your entire hardscape to the last detail before your project begins to prevent any future issues.

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