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Effective Air Duct Cleaning Methods

3 Different Ways to Clean Your Air Duct

Are you thinking of scheduling a cleaning service for the air ducts at your house or place of business? With that being said, you have to be familiar with the numerous cleaning methods that are utilized by cleaning professionals. Below are some of the several methods of cleaning that an experienced cleaner will use in air duct cleaning:

Cleaning with a Vacuum

The dust, grime, and debris that are found in your ducts can sometimes be removed with the use of a conventional vacuum cleaner when you hire certain duct cleaning services. This is typically the strategy that results in the lowest costs and is the one that is utilized the most frequently by duct cleaning businesses. This method of sanitization is comprehensive, although it is not as efficient as some of the others.

Cleaning with a Brush

Some duct cleaners use a brush to remove dirt, dust, and debris from your ducts. However, this type of cleaning is not as effective as other types of cleaning because it does not get into the small crevices and spaces that a vacuum cleaner can reach. As a result, it will not remove all of the dirt that is present in your ducts.

Cleaning with an Air Compressor

In order to spray cleaning solutions into your ductwork, certain duct cleaners make use of an air compressor. This is typically the most effective procedure due to the fact that it reaches every nook and cranny in your ducts. On the other hand, this cleaning process is also the most expensive of the available options. It is more effective than using a vacuum or a brush, but it is not as effective as using another approach that makes use of chemicals. However, it is more effective than using a brush.

Employing professionals such as Silver Line Outdoors to clean your air ducts is the best way to ensure that they are spotless. We provide air duct cleaning services in Chattanooga, TN. Simply give us a call at (423) 226-2060 to schedule an appointment!

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