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Book a Trusted Irrigation Service for Proper Installation to Avoid Issues

Maintain Your Sprinkler System

Keeping a healthy, flourishing, and green garden is an essential matter if you want to have a gorgeous property through all the seasons. To keep the plants thriving, you need to water them properly, and this means maintaining a reliable irrigation system. If you haven’t installed one yet, make sure you book a trusted irrigation service.

An efficient sprinkler system will help you with your lawn. It saves time and is also super convenient. Here’s how you can maintain one once you have your own:

Regular Checkups

At least a couple of times per season, make sure you take a look at your system. Look at the controller and be sure that it is plugged in and working properly, the wires and sensors should also be connected at all times. Finally, turn on each zone and check for any system damage. 

Take Note of the Heads

Never overlook the sprinkler heads and expect them to always be in good shape. As time passes by, they can break or sink too far into the ground with the weight of mowers, the soil shifting, improper installation, or wear and tear. If you see missing heads or broken ones, make sure you replace them immediately. Don’t forget to call a reliable irrigation service expert.

Remedy Spray Head Leaking

Dirt and debris will surely wear away your wiper seal. You will soon notice leaks around the upper section of the head. If your spray head has broken in one section, then replacing the entire head is necessary. Certain types can be removed easily, but it’s still ideal to call a professional for proper inspection and installation. 

Sweat The Small Things

Whether it is a misaligned head or other minor dilemmas, you shouldn’t take any chances. Misalignment can cause overwatering, which means your plants will look droopy. Proper installation is an effective way to avoid further problems with your system.


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